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Top 10 Dog Stories

Here are some of the top stories that attracted the attentions of dog lovers all over the world. The stories are arranged in ascending order  and viewed content


  1. A rescued cow started to believe itself to be a Dog

dog with cow

A rescued cow from the animal hoarder is now a part of a pack. The pack contains 10 dogs. Milkshake who never knew freedom now runs in green grass and open field. The Grace foundation has a space of about 600 acres. The cow is becoming the part of the group quickly. Milkshake really likes to play and run and once she also tried to be in a back seat of the car, (just to be with her pals)


  1. CEO that abused a dog in the elevator resigns

do gabused

Head of Centerplate named Desmond Hague- the Company is providing concession to several top events and venues in country, but after the emergence of shocking video over the internet, The CEO ill-treating a Puppy in Elevator. Hague Was pushed to give resignation after the boycott of company’s product conducted by the people. Sports fans & Animal lovers quit using Centerplate’s services. And there were mass signings of several online petitions. The CEO makes an apology and Centerplate established a foundation for animal safety in Canada to calm the outrage of people.



  1. Family dog that has been kept for the secret transfusions

dog transfusion

When Marian and Jamie took the dog named Sid to Vet. They found out that the dog is suffering from some birth defect and was about to be put down. Family admitted the suggestion of Vet and said their last farewell to the dog. Later the family found out that the dog was never euthanized. And a raid on the facility showed that this was not the first case of that kind. Dr. Lou Tierce was a vet for 48 years. He got his license suspended and Harris family sued the doctor for $1 Million.


  1. Dog passed out during a happy reunion

dog passed out

This is one of the videos that go viral on the internet. This is a story of 9 years old dog (Miniature Schnauzer), who was reunited with her human owner after two years.


  1. A Man who was caught ditching a dog at the shelter

dog after carBeing the owner of a dog might not be an easy task; it requires time, sacrifice and responsibility. Despite having the best intentions some people can’t handle this challenge and surrender their pet to shelters. A similar situation was seen at the Colorado Shelter where a dog owner named Daniel Sohn left his dog without doing any kind of paperwork. The video captures the moment of a dog chasing his the car of owner……but what you witness next is worse.


  1. Dog who was missing reunited with family after Super storm Sandy

dog missing found

Natural disasters not only destroy houses they also destroy families. The same thing happened with Cruz family in the New Jersey when their dog left the house and ran away before the storm. After missing of their dog name Wesley for a period of 17 months the family started to lose hope. However one day the family got exciting news……


  1. Senior Doxie was found outside of this shelter with a heartbreaking note

doggyA couple who was facing some financial difficulties decided to leave the 13 years old Dachshund at animal shelter, where the dog could get the required medical care, so the dog was left at the shelter with an extremely heartwarming note. The note was a request of putting down the dog but it turns out that the condition of dog wasn’t that bad so later the pooch was reunited with his family.


  1. Border Collie gets skis attached to a wheelchair

dog on wheel found lifeKadee Mae returns to her Home dragging her body, she was suffering from spine damage. The dog cannot move her rear legs so the owner Collie bought her special wheelchair. The device worked great on the solid surface but it was useless during the snow season so volunteers from the Jonah rescue created skis that were fastened to the wheels of carriage that provided the dog mobility during season of winter.

  1. Researchers might have found cure for Parvovirus

dogs foundK-9 Parvovirus is the disease that could spread between dogs. The disease could be fatal. The potential cure for this disease would definitely attract the attention of people. There were many cases rising in the country during a spring season of 2014. Avinax found a remedy for the disease that proved to be 90% effective among the test subjects.


  1. A trend in China of “Panda Dogs”

panda dogGrooming the dog is important but you might have never seen grooming of this kind. The Southwest Sichuan Province the trend caught fire. Chow Chow’s (similar dogs) got their fur shaped and colored to get the visual aspects of a panda bear. The procedure is pricey and can take up to two hours. The effect of this grooming lasts for about six weeks before it needs some kind of touching again. The shop owner declared that there are no cruelties or chemicals involved in the process.



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