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Small Dogs are Cute and Adorable | Think Again

If you are thinking of getting small dogs because they are cute, quiet and cuddly, you might have to think again because they lack stature and often some of the dogs have arrogance attitude. Of course, they are cute and you can cuddle them but these dogs have meek personalities. Small dogs come with various personalities. Before picking up one you should know what you are doing exactly.

Here is a list of my top breeds:

Skye Terrier

If you have a cat then this dog might not be a good idea, as they don’t like felines. However this breed is extremely dependable, good family pet and likes people. If you are an avid out-doorsman then this would be a great choice.


This is a good watch dog and faithful companion; it is a small but ferocious breed. The Pekingese breed is aggressive in nature so it might not be suitable for families with small kids or pets. The dog requires daily grooming because of undercoat & coarse overcoat.


Dachshund is an excellent small dog breed if you want to exterminate vermin and want a watchdog. The dog is loyal and gets attached to the family but this dog can behave in an aggressive manner with unfamiliar children. It is an adventurous, daring and curious small dog breed and fond of chasing games, hunting, tracking scents and digging.

Bichon Frisé

A small-frame Bichone is good with other animals and children. The dog is famous for his curious name and puffy white coat. This is an active and easily trained dog. This is a wonderful small breed for individuals and families.

Shih Tzu

It requires daily grooming but the dog doesn’t shed. This small dog breed has another name –  “mini Lion”, nice family dog. It’s friendly and gets along with children and small creatures.


Maltese doesn’t shed too much so it is good for people with allergies. Maltese likes dog breeds and even with the cats. It is bred as a companion dog so do not wan to be alone.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers are loud so if you are looking for a quite dog this would not be a good choice. The dog likes to be pampered all day. This is a fun breed that likes to jump up and down on the furniture. However, you can make a dog calmer with proper training.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terries is very friendly and it is good with kids. The dog doesn’t need much grooming. It likes to chew toys so be careful about the household items. If you want to keep your household stuff safe, keep it out of dog’s reach.


Chihuahua has a lot of attitude. The breed is famous for nipping at the children so might not be a good selection for a home with kids. It starts barking quickly on strange dogs. Chihuahua could be demanding but it is a loyal breed. It gets along with cats.


Pomeranians are mellow, adorable and gentle breeds. The dog sometimes barks a lot. It gets along with kids as long as you have introduced it as a puppy. It shed profusely so might not be a good selection for the house with extremely small children.

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