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CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety Recommended By Vets

The CBD dog treats for anxiety are made from cannabis. The Plant of Cannabis has different chemicals that include Flavonoids, terpenoids, phytocannabinoids and CBD. Mammals and humans have certain receptors in the body that accepts cannabinoids. These receptor areas in the body are primary connected with peripheral organs, immune cells and to brain’s central nervous system. The whole process is named as endocannabinoid system. Researches have proven that Cannabis has can aid with seizures, tumors, muscle spams, pain, appetite stimulation, anxiety, aggression, neurological disorders and also has anti-inflammatory effects.

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Can CBD Dog Treats Help in Anxiety?

CBD can be of help during acute and chronic diseases. The list of chronic diseases include bad stress responses, arthritis , diarrhea, digestive issue, weak immune systems and digestive problems. There are dog joint supplements and also vitamins available that can prevent some chronic diseases. Studies are also being made to observe the  effects of CBD on organ disease,Type One Diabetes & cancer.  The Veterinarians are also doing research and finding out that CBD can be used to treat the ailments like strains and sprains, bone breaks, torn ligaments and even in post operative care for reducing stiffness and pain of the wounds.

You should what kind of dog breed you have. If your dog is taking the conventional medications for above mentioned conditions then you can use lower doses of the CBD treats to achieve therapeutic effects. The conventional drugs do have side effects so CBD Dog Treats could be a suitable choice in those circumstances.

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How Cannabis Oil is Administered to Dogs?

The recommended amount of CBD Oil is one drop per 10 lbs of the weight of dog’s body every day. The dosage could be given for a week then you can increase the amount to two drop. If you are giving CBD Dog treats for anxiety then adjust according the ingredients and amount of CBD oil used in the treats. You can also start with lower than recommended amounts for observing the effects and then increasing gradually and adjusting the dosage according to the size of dog.

Consult your vet to avoid problems like dog food poisoning. The dosage and quantity of dog treats could be increased after examining dog’s condition after 4 to 5 days. Stop or decrease the dosage if you see following side effects in the dog; hyperactivity, excessive sedation, vomiting and disorientation. Wait until these effects ware out. After that restart the dose with minimum amount and then observe the dog for best dosage quantity. You can increase the dosage over time to achieve the best therapeutic results.

If you are giving Dog treats for anxiety then you should start with quarter of cookie. The manufacturer mentioned the recommended amount so make sure you read the provided description before using.

 Potential Risks of Cannabis Oil for Pets

Like normal medication over dosage of CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety can put dog in risk. Sometimes the effects of over-dosage can last for days. The pet might not be able to stand or eat properly. If you suspect that dog is not responding well then you should take him to the Veterinarian. Like any medication parents of pets should consult their Vet before giving treats to dogs.

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Buying CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

There are several brands available on the internet for CBD Dog treats. It also depends on the state laws because there might be some states that don’t allow the use of cannabis. You should consult your local Veterinarian. The Vet can recommend you suitable dispensary for buying dog treats. Major online selling websites are also proving CBD treats but make sure to read user’s review to find the best product for your dog.

Caution: The treats must be stored at place that is not accessible by your dog. Dog not leave the treat pack unattended because these are not your regular treats.

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