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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel | Small dog Breeds

Height at withers: 32 to 34 cm in females and from 34 to 36 cm in males

Weight: 5 to 9 kg

Coat: intense red, white, unicolor red tricolor (black, tan and white), black and tan

Average life of ten to fourteen

Temperament: playful, outgoing, friendly and easy temperament

Relationship with Children: excellent

Relationship with other dogs: very good

Skills: companion dog

   Space needs: well adapted to life inside the house (but also a more rustic way of life)

Feeding the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: between 150 and 200 g. dry complete food diaries or 100 g. meat and 200 g. of rice, pulses (quality rather than quantity)

Maintenance Cost: Moderate

Overall: best small dog breeds

Classification according to the AKC: Group 5: Toy Dogs

Classification according to FCI: Group 9: Dog toy company> company Spaniels English