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The Transformation Story of a Dog

on the street dogs

What can a dog do in difficult situation and could not help himself? Today we have a rescue dog story for you, it shows that dogs are lovely pets all they need is care from us. The story is about the stray dog, The dog was surrounded by the ignorance …

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Why Should You Have a Dog


Why there is a need for anyone to get a dog. What are the things that make these furry friends so adorable. It might be that they communicate with the people in a special way that touches our hearts and lives. The video is about the dogs and how dogs …

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This All Started From a Meatball

in the jungle

Dogs are very famous for their amazing attention and provide excellent teamwork. A Swedish compelling hustling group realized that at the moment of meeting Arthur. The dog became a big sensation. The competitors were in a 430 miles race.The group was camping at a place during a race when a …

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That is According to Lilica! Family Comes First


You might have heard many stories but not like this one. Lilica is an incredible young pup who does these amazing things that would bring tears to eyes. Dog named Lilica was abandoned & left for dead in dark streets until Neile Vania Antonio discovered her. Lilica & Neile live …

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Besties Became Super Heroes And It Was Eye-watering


Now here is a superhero named Haatachi (Anatolian Shepherd). He was tied to a railway track and got a hit. Despite the bad injuries, Haatchi was able to survive and hid for 5 days. (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals) RSPCA found him. His condition was extremely …

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