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Bullymake Subscription Box


Do not attempt to second-guess your puppy’s capability to ruin in regards to choosing the best toys to them. That powerful mixture of boredom, willpower and determination at a Labrador could be harmful so ensure that the toys you pick on are more than powerful enough to withstand gum. As …

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BarkBox – Dog Monthly Goodies and Treats Subcription


Is your puppy running from snacks to eat and play with? And are you obsessed with life’s needs that you keep forgetting to purchase puppy pleasures? Dog subscription boxes are all here, placing the new fad, to maintain your dogs and dogs constantly rewarded. Barkbox boasts a selection of high-quality …

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Small Dogs are Cute and Adorable | Think Again

small dogs

If you are thinking of getting small dogs because they are cute, quiet and cuddly, you might have to think again because they lack stature and often some of the dogs have arrogance attitude. Of course, they are cute and you can cuddle them but these dogs have meek personalities. …

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Why Dog Grooming is Important

dog grooming tips

Dog grooming is a booming business today. People want the best for their pets so they use the services of dog groomers for the cleaning, care and general hygiene of their dogs. Dog groomers can even change the appearance of your dog, let’s suppose you want them to give your …

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Sled Dogs Breeds

sled dog breeds

The first major expeditions with sled dogs began in the mid-nineteenth century. In 1850 MacClintock, the founder of the sled expeditions traveled 750 kilometers in the Arctic in two weeks and with twelve dogs. After that, many other people joined the expeditions. In 1929 a diphtheria epidemic hit the city …

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Guide Dogs for the Blinds

Guide dog for blind

These dogs also called service dogs and are responsible for facilitating the daily life of the blind people to help them have a life with fewer limitations. Dogs for blinds – A Profession: It is a profession that can not be taught to pet dogs, it requires specific training and …

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Dog Barks when people spend

why my dog barks

Dog barking is a behavior that is not only annoying to the owners, but can also cause problems with our neighbors, in this article I suggest some tips to prevent this behavior. My dog barks all the time …. That’s not true, we must first identify the times, situations and events …

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What to do when a dog runs away

dog ran away

There are solutions and easy ways to solve this problem, but before we get to that first solution, we must see some points that can help us to discover the causes that lead to running of dog. What your dog is looking for? Normally the dog runs away to a …

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Dogs saying hello

dog says hello

Few things annoy people like dog  jumping of clothes for saying hello! It is a recurrent behavior, in which complaints are always the same, my dog jumps all the time, my dog gets dirty paws, my dog does not respect the views, my dog … my dog … my dog …

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