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Catalan Shepherd Dog Review

The Portuguese Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, with simplicity and composure, very agile and fast. Their long hair can be goat-like, without lining, straight and sometimes slightly wavy. The thick and evenly distributed hair coat formed a long beard, eyebrows and mustache, which was not enough to cover the eyes. The color of the jacket can be between light gray and dark yellow, brown, gray, gold and gray, and black with a brown mark. This living breed has a monkey-like appearance and appearance, so it is called “monkey dog” in Portugal.


Catalan Shepherd Dog Characteristics

Height at withers: 45 to 55 cm
Weight: about 18 kg
Colour: brown, gray or black
Average life: twelve years
Character: alert and awake
Relationship with Children: good
Relationship with other dogs: Good
Skills: A guide of herds and save
Space needs: need to exercise
Food of the Gos d’Atura Català – Catalan Sheepdog: about 360 g. dry complete food diaries
Arrangement: regular brushing
Maintenance Cost: average
Overall ranking: Medium Dog Breeds
Classification according to FCI: Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)> Dog grazing

Catalan Shepherd Dog Food

The Portuguese Shepherd Dog must prepare quality food for dogs under the supervision and approval of a veterinarian, whether commercial or artificial. All diets should be appropriate for the dog’s age (puppies, adults or older). Some canines may be overweight, so keep track of how many calories your dog is consuming and its weight level. Tasty foods could be an important helper in exercise, but overeating can lead to obesity. Find out which foods are healthy for canines and which are harmful. Contact your veterinarian if you have questions about your dog’s weight or diet. There should always be fresh water.

Catalan Shepherd Dog Grooming

In addition to regular weekly grooming, periodic showers can keep a Portuguese shepherd clean. Taking care of your dog could be a wonderful experience. Fast-growing nails must be trimmed on regular basis with scissors or a sander to prevent them from growing, cracking and cracking. The ear should be checked on regular basis to prevent the accumulation of wax & debris that can cause infection. Teeth must be cleaned regularly.

Catalan Shepherd Dog Exercise

Exercise options include a walk in the park, preferably in a circle, or several times in a day. Exercise could also take the form of the indoor exercises, such as hiding boxing balls on the floor, chasing, or learning new skills. Some outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, ball or disc development, can be a good start to using energy. Dog training, such as agility, obedience, and team training, are also good ways to train dogs.

Catalan Shepherd Dog Health

Some dogs may have health problems in life, but most Portuguese breeders are healthy dogs. By working with responsible breeders, potential owners can attain the knowledge they need to understand specific health issues of the species.