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Have You Even Seen Cat Guiding A Blind Dog

The normal bond between the cats and dogs is of hate but Terfel and Pwditat have become friends the moment cat started as a guide for a blind dog. The dog was restricted to its basket after being diagnosed with cataracts. The cataract is a kind of opacity in the eye lens that blurs the vision of eyes. The disease could be because of age, trauma, nutritional deficiencies, inheritance or diabetes. The dog is 8 years old and has found a new chance of life after introduction with the cat.

Even at the time of the first meeting, the cat behaved gently around the dog it is like the cat knew that the dog could not see. Cat led the dog out of the bucket and into the garden. Now the cat has become the eyes of dog. Mrs Godfrey-Brown, age 57 says she could not imagine this kind of bond between the dog and cat. The cat uses her paws for guidance. It is like both are glued to one another and they even sleep together.


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