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Dog Detected Cancer and Saved Life

A cancer survivor told the news that she is thankful to the dog to save her life. Tara Leonard said that Willow (the dog) may have save her life. Willow might have discovered the breast cancer. Tara told that she was lying on the bed when the Willow jumped on the bed and put the nose to her left side. Tara said she tried to go away but the dog was persistent.

This was a strange behavior because Willow is a well-behaved animal. The dog got down on floor and sneezed and then returned to the bed and started to follow the previous behavior but this time, she had a slimy thing coming out of the nose. Tara said she went to the bath to clean it up and then she felt a lump in her chest. She went to the doctor at that time and got a diagnosis. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was 40 years old and had one semester left of university.

The doctor told her that the disease was caught in time otherwise it could have been spread to nodes. So now the question is, did Willow really discover the cancer? The Vet believes that there is a possibility. There are some researches being done to support that theory.  According to In-Situ Foundation, the dogs have evolved themselves to detect the changes that don’t occur in humans normally. Since humans provide the dog with water, shelter and food, dogs might notice that if something could happen to their owners.

Tara is free from cancer now and living life to fullest, Thanks to Willow.

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