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Bullmastiff | giant dog breeds

Height at Withers: from 63.5 to 68.5 cm in males and from 61 to 66 cm in females

Weight: 50 to 60 kg in males and between 40 and 50 kg for females

   Coat: fawn, red or striped with black spots in all cases

Average life: ten years

  Character: stable, confident, calm and affectionate

Relationship with Children: excellent

    Relationship with other dogs: fighting with the same sex

Skills: Watchdog and advocacy

Space Needs: none in particular

    Bullmastiff power: 450 to 500 g. dry complete food diaries

Settlement: none

Maintenance Cost: high

Overall: Giant Dog Breeds

Classification according to the AKC: Group 3: Working Dogs

Classification according to FCI: Group 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs Molossian and Swiss Mountain and Cattle> Molosoides