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Borzoi | giant dog breeds

Height at withers: 70 to 82 cm in the male

  Weight: 35 to 45 kg

Coat: Moderately long, All colors are indicated in the standard

Average life: twelve years

Character: proud and distrustful

Relationship with children: pretty good

   Relationship with other dogs, sometimes difficult, but correct understanding those who live with him

Skills: originally a hunting dog, companion dog now and sport

Space Needs: Needs lots of space to burn off energy

    Borzoi power: 600 to 700 g. complete dry food

Fix: detangle hair brush and periodically

Maintenance Cost: high

Overall: Giant Dog Breeds

Classification according to the AKC: Group 2: tracking dogs and hounds

    Classification according to FCI: Group 10: Harriers> Harriers long wavy hair