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Small Dog is Playing Dead with Older Dog

Do you have any memory of a cat playing dead in front of dog then got busted? If you remember then you might think this is not a new thing because animals always do that as a defense mechanism against the wild animals, so they can avoid getting killed. But now the question is, do all animals follow that pattern; well this video is exception to that rule. There are some animals that follow the behavior just to have fun with others.
In the above video, you will watch 2 dogs playing, an older dog and a puppy. The older dog is just standing at his place while the puppy is running back and forth. The older dog slightly bites the puppy in the neck and then the puppy does the amazing thing, he goes away from him and let itself fall on ground. The puppy makes a kind of dramatic scene to get the attention of the older dog. After lying on the ground the puppy gives a look to the bigger dog and keeps doing his thing. The video is very funny and witnessing the beautiful dogs that seem to be kind of human behavior is amazing.
This shows that K-9 has higher intelligence and like every other species on the planet they are evolving with time. They observe human behaviors patterns and try to follow them. This is a great thing because they wanted to be part of human families and their best friends. Please do like the page and video so we can upload more new and interesting ones.dogs playing

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