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The Dog is Trying to Find the Little Kid

Dogs are our best friends but one of the most interesting things about the dogs is how nice they’re with children. It is like they always know how to behave with the kids. They play around to react to actions and the kids are not afraid of the dogs. In fact, the dogs turned out to be protective of children and they behave like guardian angels.

We all have played the game hide and seek. The kids play this game in the world. The game still has its place in the world even in a revolutionary period of electronic gadgets. This is a good exercise for the kids and they like to run around, but could you expect the same hide and seek from a dog?

Here you see a big yet very gentle dog playing hide and seek with a little girl. A little girl tries to hide and the dog waits for the girl to hide so he could find her. At the start, the dog obviously can’t see the girl because she is hiding but dogs have the great sense of smell so he uses that ability to his advantage. He tracks the smell and finds her.

Watch the video and please share the video if you find it interesting.


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