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Besties Became Super Heroes And It Was Eye-watering

Now here is a superhero named Haatachi (Anatolian Shepherd). He was tied to a railway track and got a hit. Despite the bad injuries, Haatchi was able to survive and hid for 5 days. (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to the Animals) RSPCA found him.

His condition was extremely heart breaking. The tail of dog was cut off and one leg was injured. After a surgery, He was able to survive with 3 legs, but the story takes a twist when Haatchi met his mate, 8 years old kid named Owen. He is suffering from a rare genetic disease. His body muscles are in constant state of seizure which is painful.

super-dogHawkins is already aware of a fact that he’s not like the kids in his school. He was agoraphobic and anti-social, but that was about to change.


When Haatchi met the parents of Owen Hawkins, he selected them. The dog was available for adoption so Hawkins brought the dog home, where Haatchi met Owen. The Bonding was magical and it looked like they had a story to tell each other. Both Owen and Haatchi know that they are different. It is like they give each other strength and know that it is ok to be different. They both face the same kind of issues in their life, It’s difficult for both of them to balance their bodies. Before meeting both were living their lives alone, feeling the stares of people.


But this has changed now both enjoy each other’s company. Together they are unique and adorable Super Heroes.


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