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Best Electronic GPS Dog Collars & Trackers

Electronic collars are the final solution of dog collars. They have different options for the training and managing dogs without really touching the pet. They can be played anywhere and are perfect for pet that require constant attention. There are also several electronic collars that could regulate the dog’s barking. GPS collar is the latest in basketball. These shores are equipped with GPS tech which aids the owner to find the pet anywhere in world. The technology works in an advanced satellite communication system. These dog collars have GPS-modems and software receiver installed in the system. This allows the owner to use a cell phone to monitor the dog.

PetSafe Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats

  • A sturdy fence on a waterproof floor provides a safe playground for your pets. This DIY project includes specific step-by-step guide on how to create & install a fence. Purchase additional PetSafe collars to provide outdoor recreation for all pets.
  • For dogs that are difficult to train: 4 adjustable static correction levels; maximum used density
  • Sound and vibration warning:
  • Suitable for the training of hearing impaired pets;
  • battery: 9 volt alkaline battery
  • low battery indicator
  • Waterproof
  • Add endless benefits to your regimen: By using a dog collar, you can safely place pets in the yard. PetSafe is compatible with all terrestrial systems, excluding YardMax & UltraSmart
  • Adjustable collector: neck size 6 – 28 inches, suitable for pets weighing at least 8 pounds
  • Long battery life: Uses 9V battery
  • Quality Assurance: The PetSafe brand is a global leader in dog behavior, isolation and lifestyle renewal for almost 30 years; we help dogs and their relatives live happily together

Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Collar with Invisible Fence

  • 3/4 hectare round cover: Adjustable round range allows you to cover up to 3/4 hectare from internal tax points (22 to 105 feet in each direction)
  • Useless: Wireless restraints allow you to create security barriers around the yard to protect pets without wasting time on wires.
  • Five levels of correction: the device has only 5 levels of “fixed correction” and “audio mode”
  • Return without statistics: If your pet exceeds the limit, send it home without repair
  • STAY and PLAY collar: The system is equipped with a waterproof rechargeable receiver, suitable for dogs weighing 5 kg and over, and neck dimensions up to 6-28 inches
  • Installation is easy: it takes 1 to 2 hours to create a new wireless protection net to provide a safe play area for the dog
  • Portable: When living with a dog or traveling in an RV, bring this portable mini-fence (lead required)

Training is a guarantee of success for your pet. Help keep your pet safe and closed so you & your dog can live happily together.

Increase the tax for maximum coverage:

• coverage level

• Close to power supply

• At least Three feet away from metal objects

Expandable Smartphone GPS Tracking & Training E-Collar

  • 9 mile range: PATHFINDER is designed with an electronic GPS collar that can be used simultaneously with the Google Maps in satellite and terrain mode. Its length is 9 miles, tracking mode and GPS refresh rate is 2 seconds. You can use several card options (for example, offline card mode) to track & train your pet. Downloading offline cards without hiding or additional costs is completely free and Could be downloaded through the PATHFINDER application.
  • Controllability: PATHFINDER Speed offers a 2-second refresh rate and impressive expansion functions, and provides industry-leading details and accuracy through the PATHFINDER application. Use basic GPS bearings to create a custom geo-surround alarm, use “offline maps” and other features for GPS tracking.
  • Design: PATHFINDER is elegant and simple for comfort. You can easily connect to receiver using the two buttons on the remote control (power / select and turn on).
  • Motivation: PATHFINDER uses electrical stimulation and audible sounds to monitor and train the dog. The PATHFINDER has a speed level of up to 100 and can transmit irritants through the receiver, which is good for keeping an eye on your dog while hunting.
  • Dog size: This electronic GPS collar is ideal for pets up to 35 kg. or more. High performance and the capacity to expand to 21 pets allow you to monitor several dogs at once during hunting.

Waterproof High-Output Remote Dog Training E-Collar

  • Seamless design: The comfortable 1900S black receiver is smooth and thin, and the strap can be wrapped flat around a receiver and the dog’s neck. This multifunctional system features high-quality dark black paint and blue lights (LED) to improve tactical adaptation and aesthetics, and has excellent performance in the most challenging workouts, both indoors and outdoors.
  • IPX9K Water Safety Certificate: The 1900S BLACK IPX9K is water resistant, which means it complies with the international protection training system. The product can be tested and placed at high angles to high pressure liquid sprayers (pressure 80-100 bar, temperature 176 ° F).
  • One -MILE RANGE: These electronic fields are perfect for your dog for simple and complex training teams. The 1900S BLACK is a dog version of one of the most popular 1900 electronic straps, perfect for obedience, K-9 training and hunting.
  • Check carefully: follow the stimulus gradually and carefully through the 127 types of stimulus levels, it is not difficult to find a very suitable level for the dog. The liquid crystal is light and easily read, and you can use the rheostat dial to fine-tune the level at any time.
  • Correction: There are two different corrections for this electronic band. The first type of correction is fast, and the second type of correction is constant till 12 secs. The e-board also has a hydro (high-performance paging device) that can provide a good vibration to alert the dogs during training. This dynamic electronic collar can find a style that suits you & your pet.

Handheld Dog Training Device with Built-in BarkLimiter

  • The Delta XC dog trainer works easily with Tri-Tronics technology. It has interchangeable long and short contact points, so you could choose a large contact point for your dog‘s fur and optimize your speed level for a good workout at home or outdoors. Choose from 3 options: Delta XC, Delta Upland XC and Delta Sport.
  • Long / short contact, including replaceable / replaceable long and short contacts
  • The level of motivation improves the level of motivation; Includes 36 fast and continuous stimuli, sound and vibration
  • Provide a 3/4 mile distance in the field to correct dog behavior. The service life of a portable battery is 80 hours time charge. The battery life of the dog device is 60 hrs per charge. Compatibility with multiple dogs-3
  • Training configuration – 5 types of correction / training configuration for different behavioral problems. The collar fits 0.75 inches and can use the automatic repair mode to lift the shell
  • BARKLIMITER has build in BarkLimiter, you can adjust it manually, you can train in the BarkLimiter mode

Precise Control LCD Screen ½-Mile Remote Training Dog E-Collar

  • Check carefully: follow the stimulus gradually and carefully through the 127 types of stimulus levels, it is not difficult to find a very suitable level for the dog. The liquid level is transparent, easy to read on the LCD and can be precisely adjusted at any time by dialing the rheostat.
  • Corrections: 280C consists of two types of corrections. The first type of correction is Nick (fast again), and the second is a permanent correction till12 seconds. There is also an HPP (High Performance Pager) device that can provide clean vibration to alert the pets while training on the electronic beach. This dynamic electronic collar can find a style that suits you & your Pet.
  • Complete water supply system: Both 280C receivers are waterproof. Whether you’re in the water or in rain, you should not worry about it being able to withstand any environment.
  • Small design: small design, the receiver is ideal for small dogs. It fits very well in one hand & has a “dislike” design, so you could keep an eye on the dog at any time. Specially designed for 10 dogs, it is perfect for obedience or ground training.
  • ½-MILERANGE: This electronic neck width is great for any dog ??team and any casual team. The cruise range of this electronic field is a few miles and it is a good choice for beginners to learn obedience and field work.


Do you have a GPS device for the dogs?

The answer is very difficult – you still can’t install a GPS-enabled device on your dog.

Does the GPS dog tracker work?

However, when determining the exact location of a pet, Bluetooth trackers can only work in part because Bluetooth GPS trackers have a limited range of operation. That’s why GPS tracking is the best way to track your pet’s location!

Is there a GPS implant for dogs?

Animal microchips don’t have any GPS technology. These use the radio frequency identification technology, which can search for information such as security guards’ contact information. That means that if the microchips are lost, they will not be able to find your pet, but if they are found, they can lead to a safe return.

What’s range of the GPS tracker?

The GPS tracker is in constant contact and can provide updated locations at any time. The maximum range of a Bluetooth tracker is 200 feet, depending on Bluetooth signal strength between the device tracker.

What should I do if the dog is missing?

The stray dog is actively looking for other people and realizes that they’re lost, hungry & want to return home. So they have more chance of rescue, care, housed and of adaption by some new family.

Is the GPS dog collar safe?

Whether you wear a GPS tracker or not, you’re affected by a same amount of GPS signals, which is completely safe. What is Fay? Listen to these signs to find your dog. When Fi “monitors” these signals, no additional output occurs.