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All That Dog Wanted Was to Score A Goal

The dog entered the ground during a championship match of two Brazilian teams this week. The match was stopped when the dog tried to have a closer look…… No one felt bad about this interruption but it was a new thing for everyone.
Even the announcer said that the dog might want to show his talent to audience. One of the players tried to take the dog out of the ground so that the match could continue but the dog didn’t want to leave. He even tried to bite the player. But then a player from other team gently handled the dog and picked him up.

He handed over the dog to referee who took the dog out of field. The crowd really admired the behavior of that player. Even the announcer was very happy as gave message to audience.
“Be kind to a dog it is the least that a human can give in return for all that it give us”
dog plays football

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