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A Stray Dog was Saved by Google Street View Map

This is a story of a dog who was rescued because her pictures appeared on the Google Street View.


A stray dog was noticed by Patrick Pittenger near his workplace at Long Beach, California. He brings her water and food occasionally. But Patrick and his girlfriend noticed the pup in Google Street map. The couple made a decision to call Hope for Paws ( a rescue group) for help.

The co-founder of Hope for Paws ( Eldad Hager ) decided to take action for saving the dog. The dog found on the same spot as seen in the Google Street View. The dog was abandoned in that place and living there for almost 10 years. A business owner told the rescue team that he has seen the dog hiding under an old big truck in the brutal heat of August.

hiding under truck

At the time of rescue Hager made an effort to lure Sonya (the dog) with a cheeseburger and she was taking bites from the cheeseburger in his hand. She came out eventually and was limping, Hager trapped her in a parking lot and put her on the leash.

After that, Hager got a groomer to shave the fur shorter. Hager then took her vet for a checkup. Sonya had ingrown dew claws, tumors, and some broken teeth. The dog needed a little surgery. Sonya was adapted by Pittenger’s mother.

Dog being adopted



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